Driving Home for Xmas with Chris Rea x MINI

Not many people know that Chris Rea wrote his iconic song ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ in a beat-up MINI in 1978.

Initially released as a B-side, the song never had a music video - despite its global popularity.

For xmas 2021 we worked with real MINI drivers, and Chris Rea himself, to create an official music video the world had been waiting 35 years for.

Agency: Anomaly
Director: Ed Morris︎
Editor: Flaura Atkinson︎
Creative Team: The Dragons︎︎︎
Producer: Jane Rattle︎︎︎

The video reached over 9.3m views on YouTube in 10 days, aired on German and UK TV ...and most importantly MINI drivers around the world embraced it. BIG LOVE.